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As a commerical debt collection agency, we know the critical importance of each collection campaign to your overall success as a business. When your company carries the burden of your debtors because of their refusal or inability to pay, you are affected negatively and your day-to-day operations suffer. This is why we handle your debt collection issues with the utmost urgency. Unlike other agencies, we are experts in commercial and corporate collections and accounts receivable issues.
Our lawyers carry the unique and specific experience needed. Understanding the intricacies of corporate debt collection is one thing, having a proven track record of successful collections is another. This German law firm has both. Our delicate methods preserve your customer relationships while still proving top-notch results.
Hahn and partners, your international lawyers in Hamburg/Germany
Hamburg For many self-employed traders instructing a debt collection agency is the last chance to collect outstanding receivables. Customers often pay their bills delayed, this leads, especially for small firms to financial constraints. Financial reserves of small businesses and self-employed are not even sufficient to cover running costs. A collection agency ensures reliable and reputable liquidity, committed to the business goals. Almost all collection services work on a success base. This means that no or only very small fees are incurred, if the recovery of the claims should not succeed.
In case of success, a commission may be charged and is payable by the creditor following the agreement between the collection agencies and clients. Does the collection company, however, point out, one can make a so-called "delay damages" concerning the costs incurred during the collection process. The fee shall be collected by the debtor and the vendor will not be charged. Which option is best depends on them and the relationship with the customers.

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Business debt collection is a unique process. From sole proprietorships to large corporations, no company is immune to past due accounts. Commercial debt collection is not an easy process. Our business collection strategy is different depending on the company type, management and structure. The law firm in Hamburg is a well established business debt collection agency that collects your delinquent accounts receivables using our in-depth understanding of the commercial debt collection process and a team of business collection specialists. Our collections experience and familiarity with the process of debt collections enable us to collect your debt – faster and with a successful commercial collection rate that is among the highest in the industry. Some businesses are responsive to delinquency notices from the debtors. Others require an aggressive combination of phone calls and letters. Beyond that we have services that can provide commercial debt collections through the legal system.
The combined debt volume has enabled the law firm to staff the office with the most aggressive and successful business collection specialists available anywhere. The results are the true testimony of the commercial debt collection by lawyers successes. They use the personnel resources, the latest technology and the proven effective methods to collect what the creditors are owed. These are the keys to fast, effective collection of creditor's accounts. If you have customers that are not paying or you are sending bills to businesses that ignore them and you are ready to do something about it, contact us today. You can even send all open invoices online for review by one of our debt collection specialists.